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History of Property

The evolution of the home model from the past to the future
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Stories history of the universe on Decca ground is longer than human history. Humans first appeared on earth about three million years ago, during the Ice Age. In the whole history of the earth, and the period of the Ice Age is a geological age of the smaller and more compact, but human history, this period is the period that most parents. Ice Age period appeared about 10,000 to 3,000,000 years lalu.Cerita history of the universe on Decca ground is longer than human history. Humans first appeared on earth about three million years ago, during the Ice Age. In the whole history of the earth, and the period of the Ice Age is a geological age of the smaller and more compact, but human history, this period is the period that most parents. Ice Age period appeared about 10,000 years ago, to 3,000,000.

Natural conditions underlying human life in the Ice Age was characterized by a number of events have a very significant impact on human life on earth. These events include ice on a large scale to parts of the earth, climate change, down to sea level rise, and the emergence of land on the bottom surface of the sea, volcanic eruptions, raising the sinking of the rivers and lakes that are directly or tudak directly influenced the way human life (Djoened, and others 0.2008).
A series of natural events is a challenge that must be faced by human nature during the Ice Age, which ultimately led to the evolution of the physical form and mind. With a very limited capacity, and people are trying to maintain their living conditions with a different feeling to face the challenges of nature and attempts to find a meal with tools that are very simple.
Home is a basic need of every human life. It was one way to preserve human life Plestosen future at that time looking for a place to stay safe from natural challenges. The existence of homes in prehistoric times show that early human life, especially mammals, are already on the ground in a long period of time enough. Which includes the first early humans at that time is Caverns enough. Home form has changed from period to period due to changes and natural resources that exist in nature, so that takes the form of a home with corresponding to the needs of the environment (Thomas, Jesse, 2011). It can be concluded that the history of architecture in the period are not necessary in a stable society is still very traditional. But the history of architecture in terms of the study of real-time and a place where the current architecture is indispensable when people are exposed to a change in development.

Main forms in prehistoric stage
Known as the prehistoric period, as they were not familiar with writing. In this period it takes about 50,000 BC to 10,000. Pre several stages of the history of the Paleolithic period in which people at that time did not yet have a permanent residence, a Mesolitik period, which began a man to settle down around the edge of the river or on the beach to get food and water sources, and Neolithic where humans lived settlement and I have made of mud or wood home (McKay, Cog Hill, 1987). In the Old Stone Age, and there were no other forms of home heritage of human life in a stable manner. It was only during the Mesolithic caves found in the form of shelter, complete with drawings on the walls of caves, which indicates that in this time humans are familiar with the art. Neolithic then found a home that meets the standards like the house on the present, but with a very simple model, and continue to use wooden materials such as wall and leaves as its surface.

Fig. Has been built old house for nearly 10,252 years have been discovered on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. (Source:

It constitutes a major in classical period
Home in the form of the classical period was influenced significantly by the culture everywhere. Culture is the most famous Greek culture and ancient culture of Egypt, which is quite a lot of available buildings of historical heritage. Also found classical buildings in the Roman heritage in the country. At the time of this date it has been the establishment of large buildings. Based on ancient Greece is the basis of various forms of changes in the current shape of the building. During the Hellenistic period (323-30 BC), followed by the death of Alexander the Great, which unites Greece and expand the territory to the east, constitute the large buildings are still the Romanian region. In Romania buildings, using technology that is not found in the time of ancient Greece. This technology is also still in use today, a technique that cast concrete. Buildings that the Romans established not only to religion but also mundane.

Fig. In the form of a home classical period

The formation of the modern era home
House shape does not happen in the modern era on the spot, but the shape of this house where change occurs gradually eliminate the old values ​​of home ornaments and replacing them with geometric motifs. House began to talk to that developed for more than half a century. Modern house has a view that modern home form it depends on the process of thinking, if not taste, as well as a game room and not the shape. History of advances in technology, building materials emerging technology that supports the modern types of housing, such as glass ornaments and other forms of support at home in the modern era. In addition, to achieve the speed of construction of the production of large quantities of construction materials, resulting in a modern residential able to overcome the barriers of culture and geography, so that the shape of the house at the present time are universal.

Fig. The formation of the modern era home

Forming a major coming days
Now days, the science building very rapidly along with the rapid advances in technology humans diciptekan. New technologies that support the process of building and development of human material for building materials discovery is also increasingly allows people to explore ideas, which in ancient times was not possible. But sometimes progress while ignoring the context of the natural environment surrounding them, and that is often a result of their own interests. Cut illegal tree of trees that carry modern equipment, and ground clearance of informal settlements with heavy and sophisticated equipment are an example of the use of technology is not in place. It can lead to disaster for humanity, such as floods and landslides. Therefore, it is necessary to address the technological advances more wisely.
The house is on the verge of a very important change, due to the factors of the home form of the environmental impact of such climate change and the depletion of natural resources in the world, it has become a major energy efficiency and an important factor in the person of home design. At present, in Europe, are being intensively implementing the principles of building homes with energy-saving. Building energy-saving movement continues to grow in Europe, and the efforts of individuals, communities and governments to organize and prepare the house of his generation (Thomas, Jesse, 2011).


Fig. A house in the future
Over the years, 6000, and technology in the building has evolved in line with the needs and desires of the population on natural resources account. But now the world is facing the problem, which exceeded the human needs to reduce capacity of the environment that keeps human life. Home at the present time it is completely climate-conditioning which can bring negative effects on human beings to change. So that will shape the development of the home, according to the needs of the factors and natural resources, the environment, and the principles of energy saving.


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The simple design of the house actually been around since the 1950s. In fact, Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe are two of the many architects who influence the color of simplicity (simplicity) is a great architecture in the dynamics of the minimum of the past yet.
Simplicity in painting known as art and sculpture minimum, ABC art, or cool art. Art minimum aircraft can be seen simply express the painter Frank Stella, "what you see is what you see."
Art flourished minimum in America in the 1960s as a reaction to the influx of expressive ABSTRAKT that dominated the art world in the 1950s. ABSTRAKT expressive displays of individual emotional value, while the minimum exposing universal values ​​through the abstract and geometric shapes in the sports formation art.
And about 2000 new design minimum return home boom .. There is some idea of ​​the home include a minimum style featuring architectural elements as necessary and as simple as possible yet still look stylish.
From the above understanding can be concluded some home properti minimum:
- Every meeting it will be seen side vertical field,
- Structure system neat,
- There are models rings,
- A multi-functional and sequential space,
- Construction of the size of the metric format,
In principle, the house minimum berdesign prefers prefers simplicity with the function of accuracy.
Note from the home of the minimum things is:
- The lack of Furniture / Furnishings,
- Clean the walls,
- Accent Decorasi,
- The quality not quantity,
Here are some examples of home interior and ekstrior minimal.